I think I am an eclectic (maybe the better word is scattered!) painter. I paint whatever catches my attention. Hence, you will see a variety of subject matter on my pages. The unifying element is colour. 

I first started painting over twenty years ago. Like most beginners, I started with watercolours, not knowing that it was the most difficult medium to conquer. Many years of lessons from local Vancouver artists  and teachers, helped me on my way. Now, I paint almost exclusively in oils, but still use the same palette as for watercolours. While the latter have an extraordinary translucency and provide many wonderful surprises in their application, the buttery feel and richness of oils is unmatched.

I am a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Vancouver Art Guild. In addition to annual shows of the Art Guild I have exhibited in the following shows:

2022, March, FCA juried exhibit, Bloom, online exhibition

2022 February, FCA juried exhibit, Artists' choice exhibition

2020 November, FCA juried exhibit, Bella online exhibition

2020 August, FCA juried exhibit, Small Artwork Exhibition

2020 June, FCA juried exhibit, Landscapes

2020 Jan., FCA juried exhibit, Artist Choice online exhibition

2014 July, FCA juried exhibit, Oil and Water, South Delta Artists' Guild

Sep 2010, FCA Juried Exhibit, Painting on the Edge

Nov 2007, FCA Juried Exhibition, Small, Smaller, Smallest

Oct. 2006, FCA Juried Exhibition, Pear, Chair and Vessel

Sept. 2006, FCA Juried Exhibit, Painting on the Edge 
(winner of the Nicoletta Watercolour Award)

Jan. 2006, FCA Student Show

Jan. 2005, FCA Student Show 
(painting was featured in March/April Issue of Art Avenue)